Company Values

At Purcon, we endeavour to treat our clients, our candidates and colleagues in the same way and in accordance with the values of honesty, integrity, quality and professionalism whilst upholding our commitment to adding value.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, quality and professionalism are the foundation stones of our business. We develop long term relationships and our culture of team working, collaboration and open knowledge-sharing is unusual within our industry. We take the long-term view, and above all, are concerned we put the right people into the right organisations. We would never persuade an individual to join a firm where we considered there to be a poor fit between personalities and culture since it neither makes sense commercially or in terms of our reputation as a consultative organisation.

Our Colleague Values

Working closely with colleagues and clients improves the quality of decision-making and increases the likelihood of success. Our people are recruited and developed with a strong focus on our colleague values of:

  • Collaboration and Respect for Others
  • Ownership and Drive for Results
  • Delivering Excellence
  • Embracing Change and Diversity

Consultants are rewarded according to a combination of team and individual goals so as to encourage collaborative working and knowledge sharing.


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